How do I set up automatic rent payments?

Log in to your tenant web access and select make payment. Click enabling AutoPay at the top and follow the prompts.


Here is a brief video demonstrating how to save payment methods and how to set up autopay.

To open tenant web access visit:



  • Log in to your online account
  • Scroll down to the Make A Payment button
  • Select Enabling AutoPay at the top
  • Enter Account Information
Checking & Savings Options - Account numbers are not verified in real-time, avoid NSF & Late fees by double-checking account information. Click the (i) icon to view a check image to locate the correct numbers.
  • Select "Enable Automatic Payment"
    • Optional, if not selected it will just save payment method for future use.
  • Select the day of the month to make payments

Important! You must select a day of the month that every month has. We recommend scheduling your automatic payment on the 1st of each month.


For example, if you select the 31st of the month, your automatic payment will not process on a month that only has 30 days, and you may be subject to late fees should you fail to make a payment before the grace period ends.

  • Select automatic option type
    • Balance Due: Account balance due, to avoid overpayments
      • Max Amount: Must include 3% convenience fee, or payment will fail and late fees will be charged. 
    • Specific Amount: Will pay the same set amount each month, even if you don't owe anything or have an account credit. Not Recommended
  • Click box to agree to the terms of the convenience fee
  • Click Save
    • The screen will change to a confirmation page if the screen doesn't update scroll up to review for flagged errors