Does Great Jones allow rent payments to be made with cash?

CashPay is an alternate payment method for Great Jones tenants who wish to use cash to pay their rent.

Great Jones does not directly accept cash payments from our residents; however, we have partnered with a company named PayLease to accept cash payments at popular retail locations across the country, using a CashPay Card. This allows all of our residents to electronically pay their rent with cash from over 25,000 CheckFreePay® locations nationwide.



What are the benefits of CashPay?

  • Convenience: you can make a payment while you’re out running errands
  • Pay virtually anywhere including participating mom & pop stores or big-box retailers
  • No need to purchase multiple money orders to cover your rent

Please note: Retailers charge a convenience fee for this service, the fee may vary by state, but the standard fee is less than $5.00 per transaction.

How do I apply for a CashPay Card?

Contact Great Jones Resident Support at or (866) 349-8466 to request your CashPay Card. We will provide you with a CashPay account number and mail you a physical card.

Where can I pay with CashPay?

See where your nearest CashPay retailer is located here.


For more information on how to pay with CashPay, read How do I use my CashPay card?