How do I fund a turn?

Typically, you must make an Owner Contribution in one of 3 payment methods.

You have a few options for funding your turn:

  1. Wire Transfer is the fastest means of transferring funds (and the fastest way to get your turnover project started).
    1. Account Number 3283096183
    2. Routing Number 063104668 (ACH) | 062005690 (Wires)
    3. SWIFT Code UPNBUS44 (US dollars only)
  2. E-Pay Contribution from your bank account on file (please note that funds can take up to 5 days to clear and reach us).
  3. Mail a Check (please note that funds can take up to 5 days to clear and reach us from the time of receipt):
    Great Jones
    1500 Jackson Street, Suite 300
    Fort Myers, FL 33901

  4. Reserve Funds from other rents (funding will most likely be received starting the first of the coming month, and is subject to prompt and full resident payments)
    1. Please note that due to the variance in rent due dates, the amount collected, and the amount required to fund your turn, this option could significantly delay property marketing if not completed in advance of your turn since we require funds to clear prior to scheduling work items.