How do I upload photos to my Property Meld request?

Login to your "meld" account. Open request. Use the "CLICK, TOUCH, OR DRAG AND DROP TO UPLOAD." to attach photos

As a Tenant, you have the ability to upload files to a Meld for sharing of information to the Property Manager. You can choose to upload photos or any other documents that relate to the specific Meld. This article is meant to provide you with the basic steps and screenshots relative to uploading files from a workstation or mobile device (including Android and iOS).

NOTE: Property Meld does not currently support file upload via text or email, so you must follow the steps below to ensure your files are received.

Step 1:

Click the Meld for which you would like to upload photos.


Step 2:

From a Meld, navigate to the bottom and find CLICK, TOUCH, OR DRAG AND DROP TO UPLOAD.


  • If using a computer or workstation, you will be prompted by your file explorer to select the file you wish to attach.
  • If using a mobile device, your device's camera or file explorer prompt will open.



Q. Why is my mobile phone telling me I can't upload my picture(s)?
A. Your mobile phone needs enough free space to be able to pre-load your images before sending. Clear your browser cache and/or delete unneeded photos/apps before proceeding.