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How does Great Jones handle utilities?

Great Jones has an in-house utility management team to support Owners. When a home is occupied, Residents are responsible for activating utilities in their name.

IMPORTANT: As of 8/1/2020, Great Jones will begin taking over the utility management activities from Conservice unless your home is already on an active lease term.

If your home is currently occupied, Great Jones will automatically transition the utility management duties away from Conservice upon Resident move-out or lease renewal.


Great Jones has an in-house team of utility experts trained to activate and de-activate utilities as your Residents move in and out of your homes. Simply put, our team will ensure the following:

  1. When your home is vacant -- utilities will be activated under Great Jones's name and billed to you as part of your Vacancy Budget during a Turn.
  2. When your home is occupied -- utilities will be de-activated by Great Jones and activated by your Residents in their name during occupancy.


Should you wish to manage any exceptional utilities, such as in the case of an HOA-included utility or trash service that may place a lien on your home in the event of non-payment, please let us know by emailing support@greatjones.co to ensure we avoid double or missed payments.