How is my turn budget determined?

Your turn budget breaks down into 3 main categories intended to ensure your home is legally on market and will rent at the highest possible rate in the least amount of time.

As soon as your home is confirmed vacant, utilities are on, and we have access to enter your home, we will conduct a thorough scope inspection. During this inspection we will test all of your appliances, electrical, plumbing, and review each room in your home to identify the following:

  1. Habitability issues -- These are required work items that need to be resolved to make your home legally rentable. You can learn more about them here.
  2. Recommended renovations -- These are optional work items that will both get your property rented at or near market rent in the least amount of time and help you lower your monthly maintenance and repair expenses over the rental lifecycle. You can learn more about why we make these recommendations here.
  3. Resident-caused damages -- Typically, damages that get charged back to a Residents' security deposit include painting or wall repairs, carpet or floor repairs, and cleaning fees. You can learn more about how we identify Resident-caused damages here.


Once these work items are identified, we reach out to our network of licensed and
insured vendors to get the best rates on each item and repair for you. Great Jones never makes money on maintenance or repairs, so we pass all of the savings we get from our scale directly onto you.


Your turn budget is then delivered to you with secured rates and a copy of our inspection report. Upon your approval and funding, your home will be well on its way to property marketing and leasing.


Click here to learn more about our turn funding options.