How long will it take for my home to be ready for marketing?

Typically, turns will last 2-4 weeks from scope to final QA.

In most cases, a typical turn will last 2-4 weeks before it passes final QA inspection depending on the volume and complexity of work items involved. The following steps are involved in the turn process at Great Jones:

  1. Scope inspection -- Great Jones conducts an initial inspection to identify and make recommendations on the items in your home that must be completed to bring it up to habitability standards and / or should be completed to increase your chances of renting the home at the highest possible rent rate.
  2. Scope approval & funding -- You review our recommendations and select the work items you wish to approve. Upon approval, you fund your account with Great Jones to pay for the turn, and we schedule vendors as soon as those funds clear.
  3. Turn in progress -- When Great Jones manages your home’s turn, we only work with the best vendors. While your home’s turn is in progress, the relevant service professionals will be in and out of your home completing the approved work items.
  4. QA inspection -- Upon completion of the work items, Great Jones will conduct a final QA inspection on your home to verify that work was completed as requested.

        When your home passes QA inspection, it is considered market-ready, and we will begin 

        marketing your home at the agreed upon rent rate immediately.


        Wondering what else could extend this timeline? Learn more about change orders.