What gets classified as Resident-caused damage?

Typically, damages that get charged back to a Residents' security deposit include painting or wall repairs, carpet or floor repairs, and cleaning fees.

When we conduct a turn scope inspection, our team will test all of your appliances, electrical, plumbing, and review each room in your home to identify changes in the condition of your home and its features to understand if damages should be deemed Resident-caused or normal wear and tear. When these damages are identified, we will note them in the Resident's statement of deposit account (SODA), at which point your Resident has a period of time in which they are able to dispute any of these claims. If left undisputed or without adequate proof, we will use funds from the Resident's security deposit to cover the cost of Resident-caused damages during the turnover and then return the remaining security deposit back to the Resident.


Most often, the types of Resident-caused damages we see are due to poor carpet or floor care, damages to walls or paint, and cleaning fees, which is a mandatory service required at lease-end per our lease agreement.