What is Property Meld?

Property Meld is our online maintenance portal for residents. This is where you will submit repair requests.

What Can the Property Meld system do?

  • Requesting a Meld repair is made simple.  This helpful article will help you do just that: How to Submit Maintenance (Meld) Request.
  • Scheduling the Meld repair with your Property Manager and/or Vendor is just as seamless.  For more on scheduling and requesting new appointment windows, please refer to these articles:  How to Schedule Meld and How to Request New Appointment Windows.  
  • You can communicate directly to the Property Manager and the assigned Vendor via email and text messaging from the Chat directly in Property Meld.  For more information on Meld Chat, please review this article

What Can't the Property Meld system do?

  • Property Meld does not accept rent payments.  Please coordinate rent payments with your Property Manager.  
  • Property Meld does not coordinate the repair between the Tenant and the Property Manager.  Meld requests are placed in the system and the Property Manager assigns the repair based on their internal processes. 
  • Property Meld does not remove tenants from their account.  If you no longer want to be linked to the account and receive communication on repairs, please contact your Property Manager.         


 Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How do I create or submit a maintenance request to my Property Manager?

A. Refer to How to Submit Maintenance (Meld) Request which details the simple process.


Q. How do I know when to contact my Property Manager vs. when to contact Property Meld (maintenance software provider)?

A. Since Property Meld is the software provider for your property management company you rent from, you'll need to utilize your Property Meld account to create Melds (work orders, maintenance requests, etc.) and to chat directly with your property manager and/or vendor or maintenance technician (repairs, scheduling, property info, etc). To receive assistance with technical issues and coaching related to the software directly, you may contact Property Meld's support team via support@propertymeld.com or our Live Chat feature.


Q. Why is my mobile phone telling me I can't upload my picture(s)?
A. Your mobile phone needs enough free space to be able to pre-load your images before sending. Clear your browser cache and/or delete unneeded photos/apps before proceeding.


Q. How do I use my computer or mobile phone camera to upload a picture?
A. When you are viewing a Meld, navigate to the bottom and find CLICK, TOUCH, OR DRAG AND DROP TO UPLOAD. If using a computer or workstation, you will be prompted by your file explorer to select the file you wish to attach.  If using a mobile device, your device's camera or file explorer prompt will open automatically- simply take your picture and follow the prompts to instantly upload.


Q. How do I cancel a Meld?
A. When you are viewing a Meld, clicking the Options drop-down in the upper-right of your Meld will allow you to reschedule or request cancellation of the Meld.


Q. How do I contact my property manager, vendor, or maintenance technician regarding my Meld?
A. When you are viewing a Meld, notice the two tabs underneath the title of the Meld, labeled Information and Chat. Clicking on Chat will allow you to send/receive messages.  You can choose to send to either your property manager, vendor, other tenants, or just your property manager or other tenants.

Q. How do I see my entire Meld history?
A. Login to your Property Meld account and open Notifications (bell-icon, upper-right of the menu), allowing you to see a detailed timeline of all your Melds.


Q. Why do I get  "CSRF Failed: CSRF token missing or incorrect" error?

A. This can occur if you have your Property Meld account open in multiple browser tabs or on multiple devices. For your safety, our server performs a routine check for current CSRF tokens in every open instance of Property Meld. Simply refresh your browser, or log out and back in, and this error will resolve.