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Why do you use a rent reduction schedule?

Periodic rent reductions ensure your home's listing remains fresh on sites and prospective Residents receive reminders about their interest in your home.

At the same time that we list your home on 30+ sites such as Zillow, Hotpads, and Trulia, countless other homes in your area are also being listed. That means that we need to keep your listing fresh and top-of-mind on these sites and also for prospective Residents that have already indicated interest in your home.


Our standard rent reduction schedule is typically 1% per week on market, though that may vary if your home has special circumstances. Not only will a small change in the rent rate each week ensure that your home remains at the top of the listings but it will also notify prospective Residents that have either favorited your home, emailed or called us about your home and those who’ve gone to view your home.