How do you determine market rent rate?

What your property will rent for is dependent on a number of factors including neighborhood, size of the home, condition of the home, finishes in the home as well as what else is available on market at the same time.

We run comparative report based on actual rented homes that closely match the location, condition and details of your home. We compare your home to other homes on the market and do an exercise to understand how your home ranks among them.

The most important things to know about this exercise are:

  • We use real data to make this decision so it’s as objective as possible with the goal of helping you maximize income and ultimately profitability

  • We provide you options based on your financial goals.
    For example:
    1 — an aggressive go-to-market rate
    2 — steady-state rate which is generally the market average
    3 — a “must-fill” rate which includes a slight discount to market if your top priority is immediate cash flow.

  • We provide the data but you make the final call