What guidelines should I follow if I want to move out of my home in good standing?

The basic steps are: provide a written notice to vacate, confirm that you have or need a lockbox to return keys, supply forwarding address, clean the home thoroughly, place keys in the lockbox, and then contact us immediately to confirm the move-out.

Move Out Timeline & Expectations



60 Days Prior to Move Out (Lease Terms May Vary, Review Lease Contract for Details)
  • Great Jones requires an official written notice received by the office in writing 60 days prior to move out. Written notices are required for all move-outs, notice timeline terms may vary, please check your lease document for details.

  • Provide Great Jones details on your current utility provides - but don't disconnect yet.


7-30 Days Prior to Move Out
  • If you do not have a lockbox from move-in day - contact us to request one.

    • Support@greatjones.co

    • 866-349-8466

  • Email instructions will be provided

    • (printed instructions included if delivered via mail)


Final Day - Scheduled Move Out Date
  • Remove all belongings from the premises and clean the house thoroughly, including kitchen appliances and bathroom facilities.

  • All utilities are required to stay on and active throughout the duration of your notice. If you plan to vacate prior to the end of your notice period utilities must stay on until the last day of your notice.

  • You have been provided a code to return the key on move-out day. Use the instructions sent to your email to place 1 key in the lockbox, leave any remaining keys and garage remotes on the counter. If you have not been provided a code, contact us immediately: 866.349.8466 or support@greatjones.co

  • Contact us as soon as you're are 100% out of the property to confirm your move out and let us know where you have placed the keys and any remotes.

  • If you have set up auto-pay, go online to the tenant web access and deactivate your account.

  • Rent charges will continue until you confirm you’re out, contact us:

    • Support@greatjones.co

    • 866-349-8466

  • Provide all forwarding addresses in writing to our support team at support@greatjones.co



Security Deposit Processing: 0- 30 Days After Move Out


Great Jones will inspect your property after you move out, appropriate charges will be deducted for cleaning, damages, and repairs to the home and its contents, reasonable wear and tear excluded, and for any other amounts owed the Landlord, including reasonable charges for the time spent by management to return the premises to its original condition.
  • An itemized statement will be provided detailing the cost of such charges along with a check for the balance of the deposit.  If these charges exceed the amount of the deposit, the resident agrees to pay the amount due.

  • The deposit refund check will be made payable to the primary resident on the lease agreement.

  • The deposit will be sent to the forwarding address provided.  If no address is provided, the deposit will be mailed to the dwelling last known address (home being vacated).



Failure to Vacate On Time
  • If you fail to vacate on the move out date listed above without a pre-approved extension, you will be subject to Hold Over Rent charged at double the daily rent rate and may be subject to additional fees. If you need additional time please make arrangements with our team at least 3 business days in advance.


Move Out Resident Cleaning Guidelines

** Consult Your Lease For Additional Responsibilities Requested At Move Out **