What is Conservice?

Conservice enables faster turn time and automated prorated utility billing.

IMPORTANT: As of 8/1/2020, Great Jones will begin taking over the utility management activities from Conservice unless your home is already on an active lease term.

If your home is currently occupied, Great Jones will automatically transition the utility management duties away from Conservice upon Resident move-out or lease renewal.


Conservice is a utility expense recovery company we partner with to optimize your home’s rental lifecycle and utility billing. 


This means that anytime your home is vacant, you will be responsible for utility payments to keep the lights on and your home in top-tier condition for leasing applicants. When your home is occupied, your residents will be responsible for making utility payments in addition to their monthly rent payments.


Managing utilities activation and billing through Conservice delivers 2 key benefits to Owners:

    1. Faster Turn Time -- Turns between residents are no longer subject to additional delays due to utility activation processes, which can add 1-5 days to the process.
    2. Automate Prorated Billing -- Rather than waiting for residents to switch utilities into their name at their leisure upon Move-In, Conservice utility payments will automatically charge to the Resident’s ledger and be due at the time of rent payment regardless of whether or not their lease date begins on the first of the month or at another point mid-month.

When your home is occupied, Conservice charges post to your Resident’s ledger and are considered additional rent per their lease agreement, allowing Great Jones to enforce collection efforts on these charges.


In addition to the regular utility usage charges, there is also a one-time set-up fee of $30 charged by Conservice to establish your account. Moving forward, this set-up will allow us to efficiently bill your resident for occupied units, and you for vacant units.