Why is my rent being collected after the 1st of the month?

This depends on whether or not your resident is on a Great Jones lease or a prior management company's lease.

If your resident is not on a Great Jones lease, it may be the case that their rental due date is not on the 1st but another day in the month.


If your resident is on a Great Jones lease, we typically collect rent on the 1st of each month. When you notice rent being collected after this date, it is due to the fact that your resident has submitted their payment either during the grace period (between the 2nd and the 5th) or late (after we have posted notices on the 6th).

As long as your resident makes a payment and that payment clears by the 9th of the month, we will distribute your rental income on the 10th, our first disbursement of the month. 


Any rental income that does not get cleared by the 9th, or is received after the 9th, is automatically distributed in the 2nd distribution of the month, the last business day of the month.


In other circumstances, it may be the case that your resident is on a specific payment plan or pays rent in multiple installments throughout the month on top of Subsidized Housing Payments.